Hi! I’m steve. I code. I climb. I write. I caramba.

I just quit my regular job to join a startup in the bay area capitalized. The bay area lowercase could be anywhere. Seriously, it’s confusing.

The bay area capitalized is San Francisco and the hundreds of towns stretching in a 100 mile radius semicircle. That’s 10,000 square miles of half-pies.

So I guess the bay area capitalized could be anywhere, too.

If it helps, you can picture me as a hipster with dark rimmed glasses with a scribble notebook, wearing tight jeans and riding a fixie. i could talk like a 21st century wannabe beat and type in all lower case like ee cummings and use big words to egregiously strut my erudite intellect. Whatever floats your boat, really. The truth is a bit more complex.

I ride a single speed, not a fixie.

This is my j-teenth attempt at a blog. I intend to use it to talk about startup life and little things I’ve figured out along the way. Hopefully it’s at least useful and/or/xor entertaining, with the conjunction of choice being ‘and’.



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